APSM – Archeologické památky střední Moravy

IANSA – Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica

IANSA Journal: www.iansa.eu


The birth of IA NSA reflects the growing need of scientists in central Europe to access an international journal focused on the methods of the natural sciences and multidisciplinary cooperation in archaeology. The growth of natural science methodologies within archaeology has been very dynamic. It is anticipated that our target group of readers will also grow in the coming years and, along with traditional archaeological institutions, will gradually include specialized natural science institutions (natural science departments associated with archaeology focused museums, specialized laboratories, etc.) in the Czech Republic and abroad.


IA NSA also aims to provide a niche for historical studies, particularly those that cooperate with the natural sciences and archaeology. The journal is strictly scientific, peer reviewed, and publishes only in English. Each article is reviewed by two specialists in fields related to the content of the article. Our goal is to establish IA NSA as a high quality specialty periodical, cited by the international Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report (JCR), and with a high level JCR “Impact Factor”. A hardcopy of the journal will be issued semi-annually, on glossy paper, and with an initial circulation of 500 pieces. It will be available in electronic form on the journal’s web page www.iansa.eu (launching at the end of 2010). The first double issue is in production now, with contributions being accepted until November 30, 2010. Please follow the guidelines for submitting authors (attached) and mail them electronically to mlejnek.o@seznam.cz.

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